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Welcome to one of the most dynamic and award- winning regions for doing business in Norway. Many companies have realised the possibilities and opportunities Halden offers, and we are pleased to invite you to our community.


Halden has a lot of space for development and there is a high number of offices, new buildings or warehouses for your business.


Great access to expertise and labour

Kvinnelig student

Location and infrastructure

  • Halden is the gateway to the EU, and are easily accessed by road, train or harbour.  There are also large  available industry areas close to E6

  • Reach Oslo by 1 hour and 15 minutes (E6)

  • Reach Gothenburg in 2 hours (E6) 

  • Halden Station is located in the middle of the city and is the terminus of the Intercity trains on the Østfold line.

  • The train departs every hour to/from Oslo S, and four times per day to/from Gothenburg

Bro svinesund 2_edited_edited.jpg

Port with good capacity

  • The Municipally owned port

  • 5 500 m2 of the new heavy lifting quay

  • Point load 70 h. per. m2

  • 8 000 m2 with other storage area by the quay

  • The railway terminal of 16 000m2 with approx. 800 meters of track, divided into 4 tracks

  • Land-based electricity to ships

We have approx. 90-100 sea calls annually and have the capacity for further sea calls or project loads

Fartøy på sjøen

Outstanding digital infrastructure

  • Mobile coverage close to 100% where there are permanent residents during 2023

  • ​5 new mobile masts built during 2022/2023

  • All new housing estates are developed with broadband services

  • Expanding broadband services in the districts surrounding Halden via NKOM funds:

    • Klepper

    • Ør

    • Torpedalen

    • Enningdalen

    • Skogskroken

    • Pålsbu

    • Bokerød

  • Each year, funds are applied for for new areas where there is no broadband coverage

Smilende person som skriver på bærbar PC

Companies are prioritized

  • Over 90% of received applications are processed within the statutory deadlines.

  • The Departements has good availability by phone and email. See contact information in the linked bulled points above. 


Excellent water and sewage capacity

  • The municipality's water and sewage system are monitored 24/7 

  • Newly restored wastewater treatmant plants with good capacity, close to the city enter (Refne), Prestebakke and Kornsjø

  • High supply security and quality of the water, with two water treatment plants near the city center (Lille Erte and Asak) + two water treatment plants outside the center (Prestebakke and Kornsjø)

  • New ring line/water transport line from Lille Erte to Halden prison, provides good and safe water supply to Remmen and the Industrial area at Sørli-feltet. 

  • Replacement of existing old water and waste pipes takes place continuously

Dabbing i vann

Strong business networks

  • The Mayor hosts regular Breakfast Meetings with the business community every month.


Proximity to markets

  • In a radius of 6 hours, you reach a market of over 9 million people. 


Historic, compact and effective city center

  • The city is compact and almost 50% of the population lives within a 2 km radius from the center and 90% within  5 km.

  • Almost 40% of the workplaces are within a 1 km radius of the city center and 50% within 2 km.

Gjestehavn m sykkel.jpeg

Vibrant local community

konsert Crowd

Attractive tourist destination

  • 320 000 tourists each year.

  • 85 000 hotel nights per year.

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